Strange Noises Coming From Your Toilet? Here’s What To Do

While your toilet may not be the most glamorous thing in your home or business in Florida, there’s no doubt that it plays an important role. So, you’ll want to make sure that it is always operating correctly. However, like most things in life, your toilet is bound to experience occasional problems. If you’re hearing any strange noises coming from your toilet, it likely means that it needs to be repaired. These noises can vary from phantom flushing and gurgling to bubbling, hissing, or even banging, and you should contact professionals in your area to take a look at it and determine what is causing them. That way, they can make the necessary repairs to get your toilet operating at 100% again.

If your toilet is phantom flushing, there could be a problem with your tank flapper.

When your toilet flushes on its own, it’s referred to as phantom flushing. While hearing your toilet flushing on its own could give you chills, you can rest assured that, more than likely, a ghost was not behind the act. Phantom flushing is often caused by a problem with your tank flapper, and this issue can usually be addressed by replacing it with a new one.

Gurgling or Bubbling Sounds Could Mean That Your Toilet Is Clogged

If your toilet is making gurgling or bubbling sounds, there’s a good chance that your toilet is clogged. When a clog blocks a line somewhere, it can create negative air pressure. This means that instead of air flowing through the lines, it’s pushed backward, which can result in those noises. However, a clogged line isn’t the only thing that could be causing these noises, as there’s a chance it could be from another issue, such as a blocked vent stack or even a problem with your sewer line. To get to the root of the issue, you should contact professionals to examine your toilet.

If your toilet is making a banging sound, it could mean there is a problem with the valves.

When your toilet is making a banging sound, it likely means that there is a problem with the valves. This sound is referred to as a water hammer, which can occur when a toilet valve either closes too quickly or doesn’t close completely. If you’re hearing a banging noise coming from your toilet, contact a professional so they can determine the issue and make whatever repairs are necessary to get your toilet back to operating at 100%.

A hissing noise could indicate that your refill valve is not working properly.

One of the most common noises that toilets make is a hissing noise. In most cases, hissing sounds occur when your refill valve is not working properly. If your refill valve is still letting water into your tank after it’s full, water will continue running down the refill tank, which will cause your toilet to hiss. However, there are other problems that could cause your toilet to make a hissing sound, so it’s best to hire a professional so that they can address whatever the issue is.

Some issues that can cause your toilet to hiss include the presence of air in your lines or a loose washer in the ballcock valve.

Is your toilet making any strange noises? If so, give us a call to schedule our toilet repair service!

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